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You've seen the ads.  You've heard the hype.  You've read about it. And if you are fortunate enough to call yourself a proud iPhone owner, then it's time to learn its secrets.  Navigate the nuances of the menus and settings, the real-world dos & don'ts, that this powerful mini-miracle offers.  Make it your own personal genie. All this and more -- in the palm of your hand!

Got an iPhone?… Need private training?

On your own iPhone, of course

  1. New to the iPhone? (Congrats!) Learn the basics.

  2. General operation, care and handling.

  3. It's a digital camera: email your photos on-the-go, manage photo library, wallpaper, slideshows.

  4. It’s a Web Gallery: Upload photos to your .mac site easily for instant internet online viewing!

  5. It's an iPod: learn to sync along (or is that "sing-along?") with your playlists, artists, and CoverFlow.

  6. It's an email client: send, receive, forward, organize. Just like email -- because it is.

  7. It's an internet communicator: Safari browser in your pocket

  8. It's your Calendar: syncs with your Mac. Schedule, edit, and add appointments as you go.

  9. It's a Note-taker: Use it's built-in NotePad.

  10. SMS: Send text messages to friends.

  11. Check the weather, stocks, multiple times and time zones.

  12. Your personal navigator: Check Google street (and satellite) maps & directions.

  13. Reference tips: Learn the best iPhone sites, use widgets, customize it and be in-the-know.

  14. Watch it!… YouTube videos from the internet, that is.

  15. Optimize your settings, battery settings, accessories and more.

  16. What’s new since the update.

  17. And oh, it's a phone – let's not forget that!

iPhone pictures:

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iPhone… It's for You!




iPhone… It’s For You!


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