What Donald’s students & clients said…

"Donald is an engaging instructor who was able to pull out the essential questions and interests of my staff.  He has an ability to work with people at all levels of skill and motivation.  His wit and knowledge challenged a group of seasoned teachers to examine their current practices and teaching strategies."

Pam G., High School Administrator

“Donald - I'd like to let you know how very lucky I am to have had you as my teacher - both in photography and especially in computer use. Your instruction was a great help to be creative in a field I had absolutely no knowledge.  Especially valuable was your assistance in understanding my new computer.  It has opened up a new world for me!”

Irene B., Botanical Artist

"Got a  Mac?… All you need is Donald Gambino."

Sherri Wolfgang, Owner: The Wolfgang School of Art, Westport, CT.

"Mr. Gambino's classes are the best computer training a person can get.  Donald is informative, patient and makes learning the computer/software fun & not intimidating."

Susan B., Videographer, Kideo Productions

“Having Donald as a private trainer was the best thing I've done for myself since I bought my Mac. I had a laundry list ready when he arrived and we went through the features that were important to me. It took minutes to have a working knowledge of features it had taken me hours to try to use, without success.”

Provi R., Macintosh user

“I have one suggestion for Donald;  There needs to be a "Warning:  This photography thing can become habit forming!"  I can't stop:  Seeing everything as a potential photo, standing outside with frozen fingers waiting for that damn bird to come back, going back to the same water fall over and over again, because each day the ice formations are different, not getting any work done because I have to see how today's photos came out, etc. etc.  What a great habit to form. Happy new year to you all.  I'm still learning....and so it goes.”

Sarita R., Digital Photography Student

“I attended my first computer art class with Donald back in the late-80s using Macromedia's VideoWorks (the precursor to Macromedia Director) when we were still working on black and white Macs! He was confident enough in me a few years later to give me my first job teaching at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, where he was then the Director of the Computer Art Department. Donald's generosity of information and spirit as a teacher, supervisor and colleague has been constant and heartwarming for many years. He is a human being of the highest quality and integrity. If you want to learn and have fun, call Donald!”

Michelle S., Owner and Creative VP, White Light Concepts, LLC

"Donald Gambino is a great instructor. He pushes students to do their best work and I appreciated that!”

Lisa D., Photoshop Basics student

"Donald's class on Photoshop Elements was invaluable, not only for my business, but it has allowed me to improve and enjoy personal photos.  For business, I now create all my own business flyers and publicity materials in Photoshop.  Donald's method of teaching with humor and lots of hands-on aids makes the learning quick and painless.”

   Dana R., Musician Manager

"This course was great and definitely exceeded my expectations. Donald Gambino is an excellent instructor. He provided great instruction and extremely valuable feedback and all with a great attitude and sense of humor."

   Teri D., Photoshop Basics student

”Thanks for a very interesting and memorable experience with this class.  I went into this course with some Photoshop knowledge but came out of it with a comprehensive knowledge of the basics, discovering that this was something I needed badly.  Your lesson instructions, evaluation feedbacks and emails were tremendous help.  And your teaching style made my transition from a conventional classroom environment to an online one smooth and stress free.”

Tim, K, Online Student, Photoshop Basics student   

“Donald Gambino has made using my digital camera fun and challenging. He helps students look beyond the ordinary and encourages them to take their talents a bit further.  As a retired teacher who travels extensively, I have made good use of what I have learned in Donald's classes.”

Lois W., Digital Camera Basics student

"First, I want to say this class has been excellent. Although I have used Photoshop quite extensively (mostly for photo retouching), I wanted some good, hands-on lessons, and to learn some new tricks. Thanks again for a great class!"

   Meagan, Photoshop Basics student

"I wanted to personally thank you for being a good teacher, I learned a great deal.
Thank you for thinking enough of your students to encourage them/us to utilize other resources in the media and internet. I look forward to attend another class…"

   Rachel P., Photoshop as a Digital Darkroom student

"I was completely unfamiliar with Photoshop when I started this course and it was a great step by step on learning my way around. It was a lot of fun, too. Donald was quite fair and had very good advice to improve my techniques. He's very knowledgeable – and funny, too."

   Rusty, F., Photoshop Basics student

"This is a must class for anyone in the graphic art field. It hardly seemed like I was doing a 'class'. I enjoyed this course immensely. Mr. Gambino was an excellent instructor. I really felt like I learned what I wanted and he added the support that makes me want to strive to further my photoshop skills. I hope to have him as an instructor in future classes."

   Van F., Photoshop Basics student

"This has been a wonderful course, I will definitely miss it. The instruction and comments on the exercises were excellent and extremely helpful, I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to learn the basics of Photoshop. Mr. Gambino is a wonderful instructor... I am considering taking another of his courses at some time in the future, I very much enjoyed his class. The comments on my assignment submissions were detailed, informative, and helpful. Not only did he point out what I could fix, he explained what went wrong, and gave at least one way to fix it, in some cases more than one. Very helpful."

   Rebecca B., Photoshop Basics student

“I do creative layout work in publishing and video. The courses I took with Donald gave me more of an opportunity to be creative in my work. He showed me ways to benefit my ability to produce work that I haven't done before. He has a great way of teaching, mixed with humor, that makes learning a very intense program like Adobe Photoshop easier to understand the programs capabilities as –– well as your own strengths and weaknesses. He gives you the incentive to learn more and increase one’s versatility.

Bob F., Police Chaplain

“Donald's classes are fast-moving and I guarantee you’ll see and learn something new.”

Jane L., Photographer

“I am very impressed with the way this course was put together. Initially, I thought it was going to be a walk in the park, but it proved otherwise. Donald pushed me to exceed where I had left off. He was encouraging, yet demanding in a very compassionate way. I found out within the first lesson that this was going to be a challenge. Secondly, I actually wanted to prove to myself and Donald that I was up to the challenge. I enjoyed every course. My hats off to you guys for selecting such a fine course instructor.”

Jon F., Photoshop Basics student

“The lectures were well presented and thorough so there weren't many questions. Donald's feedback on my exercises was very detailed and instrumental in helping me correct mistakes and pay more attention to detail in my work.”

Crystal F., Photoshop Basics student

“I will miss your class! You sure make learning fun. I've learned an incredible amount. I still have a lot to learn in photoshopping and like any software program, there's always something new to learn… you are an excellent instructor with wonderful, fun feedbacks. Thank you and hope to see you again in another course down the road!”

Kim P., Online Student

“This class beat my expectations. It was better than what I thought an online Photoshop class could be. Great exercises, very good instructor. The instructor really gave me good, constructive feedback, like a real critique experience. Great tutorials. Since the class, I've been using what I learned at work where I use Photoshop.”

Kristine, D., Online Student, Photoshop Basics

“I really enjoyed this class. The materials were great and easy to understand. The lessons I've learned was very useful and challenging. Mr. Gambino is a very good instructor considering we've never met. His teaching instructions are very easy to follow and understand. I love his teaching method... he would walk us through a complete practice exercise step by step using all the tools before letting us do the real assignment. It is great he showed us how to use the tools rather than just telling us what the tools are for and then expect us to figure out how to use it. I have learned more in the 6 Photoshop lessons then I did at a University in 2 years. I am very impress with your online design school so far... judging from my experience with the quality of your courses, I am looking forward to completing the rest of my program.”

Emily G., Online Student

“I honestly hate to see this course end as I enjoyed it very much. I did have a basic background in Photoshop beforehand but this course tied it all together for me. Donald is an excellent instructor. I will use his critiques in my future projects.”

Mike M., Online Student

“The class was fun and incredibly informative and I have to admit, being in the business and teaching Photoshop to photographers and image editors at newspapers (for production purposes) for too many years. I actually had to look at the software from a designer's point of view and learned a lot! Thanks!!!”

Joan P., Online Student

“It was a very thorough course covering the 'basics'...done in such a way to allow one to see the broader potential of what PhotoShop can do. It definitely gives you the feeling you can achieve a lot. Excellent, excellent instructor! He made the course fun (which is important) and was very thorough in his examples and explanations. It was presented well enough that I didn't have to keep going back and re-reading everything just to figure out what I was trying to do. Thank you very much!”

Todd D., Online Student

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