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Give them the knowledge & the power of the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iCloud!…


  1. Make the iPhone work for their business or lifestyle. Learn power tips the manuals don't show!

  2. Learn about the "care and feeding" of your device.  Learn more.


  1. Set it up and get the basics, navigation and what it really can do for them:

  2. -Send & receive email, surf the web, make their Calendar & Contacts work smoothly

  3. Take photos and videos, then share, print, create PhotoBooks

  4. Select and install from over 1,500,000 apps, many of which are free.

  1. Mac

  2. Mac OS X instruction.  Learn the basics.

  3. Apple’s iApps: Photos Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iCloud, Safari, iTunes, Keynote, Pages

  4. Set-up wireless for internet, printing, backing up

  5. Set-up & training on their “iCloud” account

  6. iTunes, iPods, iPhone, iPad: for their music, calendar, contact info, viewing on TV, more

Apple Watch

  1. Got one? Tick-Tock!… Use it to its fullest, including Settings, Workout, Activity, Health & more!


  1. Set up and sync your contacts, calendar events, email in the “cloud”

  2. Learn how to use iCloud on your all devices

  3. Setup & use “Find My iPhone” (or Find their Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch)

Apple TV

  1. Set-up and instructions -- it’s easy and fun!

iTunes: on a Mac or PC computer

  1. Organize playlists, import music from CDs, burn CDs

  2. Buy & download music, TV shows, Movies, free Podcasts, via iTunes Store

  3. Search the iTunes Store for all that and more

  4. Got an Apple Music subscription? Let’s listen!

Mac Consulting & Setup – For their home or office

  1. Mac owner or soon to be one? What they need – for how they work and play

  2. More than one Mac in the home or office?  Fun! Network & share files, photos, printers, more

  3. More people than Macs at home? No problem - set up multiple User accounts on the Mac

  4. Airport: wireless internet setup, sharing iTunes, increase network range, share & send files

  5. Troubleshooting, problem solving, customization

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